Millingtons provides sheltered accommodation for people from Shropshire who are able to care for themselves in their own homes, with or without the help of family members and/or carers, and that of a resident warden. No age restrictions are applied, but generally residents range from late 40s through to 90s.

PLEASE NOTE: New applications for residency at Millington’s Almshouse are being considered again. If you wish to apply please ask for an application form from the clerk. You can either e-mail  millingtonscharity@tiscali.co.uk, or leave a message on the office telephone at 01743 360904. Please understand that the number of places available at Millington’s is very limited, and vacancies arise from time to time.

The benevolence of James Millington (1661 – 1738) made all this possible

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Millington’s Charity,
Copthorne Road,
Email: millingtonscharity@tiscali.co.uk
Tel: 01743 360904


Thanks to the benevolence of founder James Millington (1661 – 1738), who was a successful draper living and working in Shrewsbury and who died without heir, the original almshouses were completed in 1749 providing 12 modest dwellings for impoverished people of the Frankwell parish. Mr Millington died many years before the foundation stone of the almshouses was laid. 

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Millingtons – a unique establishment created by a very far-sighted Shropshire gentleman – which has survived and developed for over 270 years.